30 Good Things Before 30: #23 – Waterfalls of New Brunswick map

So it’s 11 p.m. on a Tuesday. That officially makes this the latest I’ve ever sat down to write a blog.

Why so late?

Well, because I spent the evening taking in Bard in the Barracks’ performance of Romeo and Juliet. After bad weather cancelled several shows, Mother Nature finally cooperated and offered up a mild, clear evening that made a perfect setting for this tale of star-crossed lovers.

An awesome night out in a beautiful setting, and, as expected, the company did not disappoint. There is one final showing of Romeo and Juliet happening on Thursday, July 2.

Not to mention several more shows of Hamlet in Odell Park, which I’ll be seeing this weekend. When I purchased my tickets at Westminster Books, the sales clerk raved about it. Can’t wait to see for myself. Full details for both of the shows here.

(Wondering what Bard in the Barracks is all about? It was #18 on my 30 Good Things Before 30. Learn why here.)

30-good-things-before-30Anyhow, because it’s getting close to an ungodly hour, I have no clever segue. I’m just gonna go ahead and get to my good thing for today.

It was inspired by a coffee table book at my aunt’s house. #23 on my list of 30 Good Things Before 30 is:

Waterfalls of New Brunswick map

Since moving back to my home province from BC, my husband and I have been collecting NB waterfalls. We saw a lot of natural beauty across the country, and it really inspired us to want to explore more of what lies in our own backyards.

This included frozen waterfalls…

Frozen Hays Falls

Frozen Hays Falls

That would later become running waterfalls…

Hays Falls in the summer

Hays Falls in the summer

As well as falls in well-traveled national parks…

Dickson Falls in Fundy National Park

Dickson Falls in Fundy National Park

And falls in lesser known rural areas…

Midland Ice Caves

Midland Ice Caves

We’d come across these usually by word-of-mouth. An acquaintaince would ask if we’d ever been to such-and-such falls. They’d give us some directions and we’d spent a Sunday hunting it down.

While staying at my aunt’s this weekend, I browsed her copy of Nicholas Guitard’s Waterfalls of New Brunswick. His collection of stunning photos made me realize how few of the waterfalls I’d actually visited. And how long it would take to find them all relying on recommendations from people we meet.

And then, lo and behold, via the miracle of Facebook, someone shared a link to this map of New Brunswick’s waterfalls. It’s incomplete, say the creators, but it looks pretty darn comprehensive to me.

Exploring NB’s hidden treasures just got easier.

Which means we’ve got a summer full of exploring to get to. Can’t wait! 🙂

5 thoughts on “30 Good Things Before 30: #23 – Waterfalls of New Brunswick map

    • mostlyhealthyliving says:

      We’ve been lucky enough to get to travel across the country a couple of times and see waterfalls all over Canada. But not one in Hawaii yet, although that does sound awfully appealing! 🙂

    • mostlyhealthyliving says:

      Thanks! I’ve lived in NB most of my life and it always amazes me how much of it I still haven’t seen. It really took me moving away for a couple of years to gain an appreciation for how much beauty we have right here.

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