I’m still here…

It’s been a while. It’s been… well, too long.

(Once again.)

The thing is, life happened. And by life, I don’t mean the everyday doing laundry, picking up groceries, washing dishes, walking the dog flurry of activity that is often enough, in and of itself, to put the brakes on this whole operation.

By life, I mean one of those unexpected bumps in the road that knocks the breath out of your lungs and leaves you wheezing.

Change. I guess that’s what I mean.

Nothing inherently negative. Just uncertain. Uncomfortable.

And with that, I’ve been a little lost. And in so being, couldn’t quite figure out how to come back here.

Because I haven’t felt myself. And I haven’t felt ready to talk about it. And I thought that if I gave it time, I might find a way to put it into words gracefully. Graciously.

Which I haven’t.

What I can say is that I’m still here. A tiny voice in the wilderness. That’s what courage sounds like.


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