The easy part’s over…

So the easy part’s over.

I’ve done the paperwork and officially registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Oct. 18, 2015!

See you on Oct. 18, Toronto!

See you on Oct. 18, Toronto!

This is exciting for a number of reasons:

1. It’s not until October

I really love the idea of running marathons. Getting down to the business of training though? Not so much. Opting for a fall marathon instead of a spring one gives me some breathing room and allows me to extend my state of winter semi-hibernation just a little bit longer. It also means it’ll be more feasible to do my long training runs on the ground instead of the treadmill, better preparing me for real race conditions. Plus, I’ll be coming off a (hopefully) successful season of summertime running in some smaller local races so I’ll be primed and ready.

2. It’s a fast, flat course

If you go to the STWM website, that’s literally the first thing you’ll see at the top of the page: a boast that the race is fast, flat, and festive. Perfect for my first attempt at a sub-4:00 marathon. I’m not trying to test my lungs and legs on any heartbreak hills. I’m just trying to run fast(-ish)

3. It’s my first destination race

To date, I’ve always run in my own province, which has been awesome. It’s had me visiting nearby family, familiarizing myself with our running community, and earning some pretty sweet swag for completing all of New Brunswick’s major races.

A conversation with a Running Room salesperson a couple of months ago got me thinking though. I was looking at a new FuelBelt, and he was asking me what distances I run. I told him I’d probably be training for a marathon next, as I’d run the Fredericton Marathon last year and was looking to improve my time. We got talking and he recommended I look at running a big race.

“You’ll be with thousands of runners instead of just a few hundred,” he said. “You’ll never find yourself out there alone.”

The more I thought about it, the more this resonated with me. Ever watch Buzzfeed’s 8 Stages of Marathon Running?

#4: Isolation. That was me for a good chunk of my marathon last year.

It’s funny though. Even after that conversation, I put running a destination race out of my mind. It wasn’t practical, I thought. It’s too far away, too expensive, requires too much planning. Besides (and here’s the kicker) aren’t those big races just for “real” runners?

Because even though I’ve run a bunch of races, have a dozen or so medals and as many framed bibs hanging on my wall, there was still part of me that didn’t consider myself a “real” runner.

Well, screw that part of me.

I’m doing it. I’m making STWM 2015 happen.

The easy part’s over.


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